Giáo án Tiếng Anh 8 - Unit 1: Leisure activity (Period 1+2+3) - Năm học 2020-2021

Giáo án Tiếng Anh 8 - Unit 1: Leisure activity (Period 1+2+3) - Năm học 2020-2021

Ex 1: Find the word which has different sound in the underlined part in each line.

1. A. addicted B. virtual C. kit D. active

2. A. communicate B. produce C. computer D. summer

3. A. pressure B. especial C. prepare D. helpful

4. A. hooked B. book C. school D. foot

5. A. wanted B. booked C. hooked D. stopped

Ex 2: Choose the correct option for each gap in the sentences.

1. A. addicted B. especially C. computer D. concentrate

2. A. virtual B. visual C. visit D. visible

3. A. donate B. activate C. active D. monkey

4. A. excited B. exercise C. expect D. experience

5. A. enter B. endanger C. enable D. encourage


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Date of teaching: 8C1 ./ ./2020	8C2 ../ ./2020	
8C3 ../ ./2020	8C5 ./ ./2020
yêu thích, mê thích
nghiện (thích) cái gì
beach game
/biːtʃ ɡeɪm/
trò thể thao trên bãi biển
vòng đeo tay
giao tiếp
community centre
/kəˈmjuːnəti ˈsentə/
trung tâm văn hoá cộng đồng
đồ thủ công
craft kit
/krɑːft kɪt/
bộ dụng cụ làm thủ công
cultural event
/ˈkʌltʃərəl ɪˈvent/
sự kiện văn hoá
Verbs of liking + V-ing
Verbs of liking + to infinitive
* Một số động từ: adore, love, like, enjoy, fancy, prefer, don’t mind, dislike, hate .
Note: - Like + to-v: diễn tả sự lựa chọn hay thói quen
- Like + V-ing: diễn đạt sở thích
- Sự khác nhau của "gerund" và "infinitive"
Với cách sử dụng trên, "gerund" và "infinitive" dường như có thể dùng thay thế cho nhau bởi có vai trò giống nhau. Tuy nhiên, trong văn nói thì "gerund" được dùng phổ biến hơn, "infinitive" mang lại cảm giác lý thuyết hơn.
Ex 1: Find the word which has different sound in the underlined part in each line.
1.	A. addicted	B. virtual	C. kit	D. active
2.	A. communicate	B. produce	C. computer	D. summer
3.	A. pressure	B. especial	C. prepare	D. helpful
4. 	A. hooked	B. book	C. school	D. foot
5.	A. wanted	B. booked	C. hooked	D. stopped
Ex 2: Choose the correct option for each gap in the sentences.
1.	A. addicted	B. especially	C. computer	D. concentrate
2.	A. virtual	B. visual	C. visit	D. visible
3.	A. donate	B. activate	C. active	D. monkey
4.	A. excited	B. exercise	C. expect	D. experience
5.	A. enter	B. endanger	C. enable	D. encourage
Ex 3: Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D.
1. Does she fancy a book to the younger children?
	A. reads	B. reading	C. to read	D. read
2. They enjoy on Sundays.
	A. garden	B. gardening	C. gardened	D. gardens
3. They love with their friends.
	A. eat out	B. ate out	C. having eaten	D. to eat out
4. I prefer people.
	A. text	B. texting	C. texted	D. texts
5. They detest so early in the morning.
	A. getting up	B. get up	C. to get up	D. gets up
6. My dad doesn’t mind my mom from work every day.
	A. pick up	B. picked up	C. picking up	D. picks up
Ex 4: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others 
A. prize
B. drill
C. brick
D. trim
A. broom
B. proof
C. blood
D. troop
A. practice
B. cracker
C. tractor
D. bracelet
A. trophy
B. problem
C. broccoli
D. drop
A. trunk
B. prudential
C. brush
D. crush
Ex 5: Choose the best answer to fill in the blank. 
Mai enjoys __________ to music, especially pop music in her free time.
A. hearing 
B. playing 
C. listening
D. talking 
My grandparents love ______________ very much. There are a lot of beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables in their garden.
A. doing garden
B. doing gardening
C. do gardening 
D. to do garden
You should avoid ___________ too much TV. It’s not good for your eyes.
A. seeing 
B. looking 
C. watching 
D. glancing
Nga likes ___________ with her close friend on Saturday evenings. She feels relaxing.
A. window shop
B. window to shop
C. window shops
D. window shopping 
Lan used to love ____________ in front of the computer for hours but now she doesn’t. She takes part in a judo club.
A. using
B. sitting
C. doing
D. having
Minh is a very hard-working boy. He doesn’t mind __________ a lot of homework in the evenings.
A. making 
B. reading 
C. seeing
D. doing
Do you fancy __________ around the West Lake with me this Sunday morning?
A. going 
B. having
C. staying
D. moving
I don’t like _________ up early in the winter days. I love _______ in bed late.
A. getting/stay 
B. get/ stay 
C. getting / staying
D. get/ staying
Mai’s dad likes ______ spring rolls when her family has parties.
A. doing 
B. making
C. cooking
D. trying
Why don’t we _________ our parents with some DIY projects? I think it is useful.
A. help 
B. do
C. make
D. give
Date of teaching: 8C1 ./ ./2020	8C2 ../ ./2020	
8C3 ../ ./2020	8C5 ./ ./2020
Period 4,5,6: UNIT 1( con’t)
 By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to ask and answer about the content of the lesson and do it fluently.
 Develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for students.
 Educating the students' love for people and countries.
 extra board
8C1: .. Absence: 8C2: .. Absence: 
8C3: ..Absence: 8C4: .. Absence: 8C5: Absence: .. 
2. Check up. No check up
3. New lesson
Learn by heart the new words.
Addicted (adj): nghiện cái gì đó
Communicate (v): giao tiếp
Community centre (n): trung tâm văn hoá cộng đồng
Craft (n): đồ thủ công
Craft kit (n): bộ dụng cụ làm thủ công
Hang out (v): đi chơi với bạn bè
Hooked (adj): yêu thích cái gì
Weird (adj): kì cục
Virtual (adj): ảo (chỉ có ở trên mạng)
DIY (n): tự làm
Verbs of liking + V-ing
Verbs of liking + to infinitive
Ex 1: Read the following text about doing Yoga and do the tasks that follow.
Yoga originates in India and it is good for both your body and mind. Anyone can do yoga – women or men, adults or children. Special children’s classes are devised to help them to cope with pressures they feel from their schoolwork. By learning how to co-ordinate breathing and movement, yoga helps them to develop body awareness, self-control, and flexibity. Taking up yoga also helps them to focus and become better with daily routines. Start doing yoga by setting aside a regular time for it. Go slowly, listen to your body and don’t push it too far as yoga is not a competitive sport. Study each pose and practise it as you control your body and mind. Prepare well before each session: avoid tight clothing and a full stomach. An idea time to go yoga is before breakfast. 
a. Match the words and phrases in the box with their meanings.
	 A	B
	Originate	 	stress
	Pressure	 	to come from
	Co-ordinate	activities you do everyday
	Flexibility	you do it because you want to win
	Competitive sport 	the ability to move your body into different positions
	Daily routines	to work together
b. Answer the following questions.
1. Where does yoga come from?
2. Who can do yoga?
3. Why should children do yoga too?
4. What do you learn when you do yoga?
5. How can you prepare for doing yoga? 
c. Decide the following suggestions are rightor wrong according to the text.
1. It’s important that you do yoga regularly. _____
2. If your body says “stop”, you should stop and don’t push it. _____
3. You don’t need to understand well the pose you are practising. _____
4. Yoga is competitive. _____
5. The best time for doing yoga is the first thing in the morning. _____
Ex2:Fill the gaps with the words in the box.More than one word can be suitable for some gaps.
Regular exercise brings us many benefits.(1)First,it helps to reduce the risk of obesity. (2)Second,it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.(3)Third,the likelihood of heart disease islower.(4) Also, exercise makes your muscles and bones stronger.(5)In addition, if you exercise regularly,you will have less depression and anxiety as well.(6)In short,it is very important to invest time in doing this to improve the quality of your daily life. 
Ex 3: Complete the following sentences with your own ideas.
1. My best friend doesn’t mind .. .. .. ....
2. Do you fancy .. .. .. .. ..
3. My father used to hate .. .. .. .
4. I love .. .. .. .. .. .
5. My cousin detests .. .. .. .. ... 
Ex 4: Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
1. What kind of movie is the girl going to see on her first date?
A. Horror	B. Romance	C. Science fiction
2. At what theater is the movie playing?
A. Central Palace	B. Campus Plaza	C. Common Plex
3. How is the girl getting to the movie?
	A. She is getting a ride with her brother.
	B. Her date is coming to pick her up.
	C. She is going by bus and will meet her date there.
4. What time does the movie begin?
	A. 7:30 p.m.	B. 8:00 p.m.	C. 8:30 p.m.
5. What time does she have to be home? 
	A. 10:00 p.m.	B. 10:30 p.m.	C. 11:00 p.m.
Ex 5: Listen to the conversation again and complete the missing words.
Girl: He's here. Bye Dad.
Dad: Wait, wait, wait . . . Where are you going?
Girl: Dad. I'll already told mom. I'm going out (1) ..
Dad: Who with? You mean you're going on a date?
Girl: Yeah. Mom met Dirk (2) .. [Dirk!?] He's sooo cool. We're going on a double-date with Cindy and Evan.
Dad: Dirk.
Girl: I have to go.
Dad: Wait, wait. I want to meet this () ..
Girl: He's waiting for me.
Dad: Well, so what are you going to do tonight? Going to the (4) .?
Girl: Dad! We're going out to eat, and then we're going to (5) . a movie.
Dad: What movie and what is it rated?
Girl: It's a science fiction thriller called . . . well, I don't know what it is called, but it's rated PG.
Dad: And where's the movie (6) . ?
Girl: Down at the Campus Plaza Movie Theater.
Dad: Hey, I was thinking about seeing a movie down there tonight, too.
Girl: Ah, Dad.
Dad: Hey, Let me meet that guy.
[Father looks out the living room window . . .
Hey, that guy has a moustache.
Girl: Dad. That's not Dirk. That's his older brother. He's (7) . us there! Can I go now?
Dad: Well . . .
Girl: Mom said I could, and mom knows his (8) ..
Dad: Well . . .
Girl: Dad.
Dad: Okay, but be home by 8:00.
Girl: Eight!? The movie doesn't (9) . until 7:30. Come on, Dad.
Dad: Okay. Be (10) . by 11:00.
Girl: Love you, Dad.
Dad: Love you, too.
Girl: Bye.
Dad: Bye.
Ex 6: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
1. Son, do you fancy (play) .. badminton with me some time next week?
2. I love (listen) .. to music with good earphones!
3. My brother likes (cook) .., but he detests (wash) .. the dishes.
4. They enjoyed (watch) .. the show very much.
5. She doesn’t like (communicate) .. through emails. In fact, she hates (do) .. it. She prefers (meet) .. people in person. 
6. They adore (make) ..and (eat) .. good food.
Ex 7: Rearrange the conversation and practise it with a friend.
____ What film are you watching?
____ Three. We’re going to do it in the schoolyard. After that we’re going swimming.
____ Hi, Duong. Do you want to join us for badminton this Saturday?
____ Hmm not my cup of tea. Action films are a bit tiring for me So I’ll see you for badminton only.
____ Certainly! I love badminton. What time are we meeting?
____ Ok.
____ The X-factor. It’s an action film.
____ Sounds great! But Phong and I are going to the cinema at 6.30. Perhaps you want to come with us. 
IV.HOMEWORK: Do exercise in part C, B, E in workbook.	
--------------------------------- o0o -------------------------
1. Put the words into the correct column, according to the sounds of the underlined parts.
2. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B or C.
Do you enjoy ___________ crafts?
A. to make
B. make
C. making
My younger sister fancies ___________ pictures every weekend.
A. to take
B. taking
C. took
Joan doesn’t mind ___________ football but she doesn’t want to play it.
A. watching
B. watches
C. watched
My sister loves ___________ the elderly people in our neighbourhood.
A. help
B. to help
C. helps
When I was a child, I loved ___________ outdoors. But now I just want to stay inside playing computer games.
A. was
B. been
C. being
3. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B or C.
I like listening to ___________. The melodies are so sweet!
A. the radio
B. movies
C. folk songs
Visiting ___________ increases my knowledge about cultures in the past.
A. museums
B. cinemas
C. hometown
Yesterday evening I watched a ___________. It was so scary that I couldn’t sleep at night.
A. comedy
B. thriller
C. news
Sitting in front of the computer for too long may lead to ___________.
A. fat
B. obesity
C. overweight
Spending too much time in the ___________ world may negatively affect your life.
A. real
B. present
C. virtual
Preparing date: 
Teaching date:
Verbs of liking + V-ing
Verbs of liking + to infinitive
I/ COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES WITH THE WORDS IN THE BOX. (In some cases , more than one answer can be relevant)
Good 	relaxing	fun	satisfied	
Exciting	boring	staying indoor	
hang out Playing football	doing DIY	walking	eating out	watching TV
1.Everyone does leisure activities in their free time and they help them feel satisfied
2.You can do relaxing Activities such as yoga , or Exciting Ones such as mountain biking or skateboarding .
3.Hobbies such as making crafts or collecting things are fun	
4.You can surf the internet but some people say this is boring
5.You can spend time with family and friends or become a volunteer for the community . This will make you feel Good
6.To many American teenagers the shopping mall is one of the top destinations to see friends or hang out 
7.People in Singapore . . They can find food courts almost everywhere in this city state.
8 . is the most popular individual outdoor activity in the UK.
9.These days many children prefer and . to playing outside.
10.When we do team sports such as . , you develop team spirit too.
If you have to do home improvements, . Is a good way to save money.
Do you fancy a new laptop ? (buy)
My father enjoys on weekend . ( garden )
I love out with my friends . ( eat)
I want with my friends after school . ( hang out )
They detest so early in the morning. ( get up)
We must our bike when the lights are red. ( stop)
We woud like you to our dinner. ( invite)
My dad doesn’t mind my mom from work everyday. ( pick up)
I adore and good food. ( make/eat)
We will a test tomorrow. ( have)
My borther can many kinds of musical instruments.(play)
Ex1. Choose the correct option A,B,C,D to complete the sentences.
1. The film was so boring . . . . . , Jack saw it from beginning to end.
A. ThereforeB. However	C. Although D. Despite
2.I . . . . . go on foot when I was in primary school.
A. have to	B. used to	C. can	D. may
3. Does your bike ever . . . . . down on the way to school?
A. break	B. take	C. do	D. turn
4. The boys. . . . . home for lunch because they are planning to visit the hydro-power station.
A. have not come	B. do not come	C. will not be coming	D. is not coming
5. Will you . . . . . a taxi or a train?
A. drive	B. fly	C. walk	D. take
6. . . . . the film is a bit frighting, I really enjoyed it.
A. However	B. Nevertheless	C. Although	D. Despite
7. We will go on holiday with some friends of . . . . . 
A. our	B. ours	C. us	D. we
8. Don’t read in bed, . . . . . you’ll harm your eyes.
A. or	B. and	C. but	D. so
9. I . . . . . playing board games interesting because I can play them with my friends.
A. think	B. find	C. say	D. tell
10. Before moving to HaNoi, my parents . . . in Hai Phong.
A. have lived	 B. lived	C. live	D. have been living
11. My friend has decided to use . . . . . electricity by using more solar energy instead. 
	A. more	B. less 	C. much	D. fewer
12. Have you got . . . . . butter in your fridge?
	A. any	B. a lot	C. an	D. a
13. A new university . . . . .in my town in the near future.
A. is built	B . will be built 	C. was built	D. has been 
14. . . . . . ! Can you tell me the way to the food shop?
A. Thank youB. All right	C. Listen	D. Excuse me
15.The city will have to find a solution to reduce traffic jam, . . . . . ?
A. does it B. won’t it	C. will it	D. doesn’t it
IV. Read the passage and choose the correct answer.
	Easter is an important Christian festival and holiday. It is (21) . . . . . to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.People celebrate Easter (22) . . . . . the world.
	In the UK, Easter is a public holiday. People (23) . . . . . Easter chocolate eggs to their friends and family. In the US, Easter is a (24) . . . . . holiday. People can go to church and have a special family meal. In Russia, Easter is one of the (25) . . . . important holidays. People celebrate it (26) . . . . . an Easter breakfast or meal. 
21. 	A. made	B. held	C. given	D. opened
22.	A. through	B. in	C. all	D. around
23.	A. eat	B. have	C. give	D. receive
24.	A. nation	B. local	C. native	D. national
25.	A. more	B. best	C. most	D. better
26.	A. with	B. by	C. for	D. in
Ex2. Rewrite the sentences so that it stays the same meaning.
27.The distance from Ho Chi Minh city to Phu Quoc Island is about 300km.
It is 
28. Road users should obey traffic rules strictly.
 	Traffic rules 
29. Be careful or you’ll hurt yourself.
	If you are 
Ex3. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences.
30. this time tomorrow/ English/ They/ will/ be learning.
31. doesn’t like/ ice-skating/ because/ my brother/ dangerous/ he/ it is/ thinks.
32. people/ until/ flying cars/ use/ won’t/ year 2050.
Ex4.Choose the correct option A,B,C,D to complete the sentences.
1. The University of Indochina . . . . . in Ha Noi in 1906.
A. built	B. was built	C. has built	D.has been built
2. Last year, we participated in . . funds for street children.
A. raising	B. making	C. gathering	D. taking
3. The doctor says my father will become ill . . . . . he stops smoking.
A. until	B. when	C. unless	D. if
4.We .. to school two years ago.Now I go to school on foot.
A. used to cycle	B. cycled	C. was cycling	D. went
5. . . . . . the silly story, many people enjoyed the film.
A. Although	B. Inspite of	C. However	D. Nevertheless
16. A friend of . . . . . is coming to stay with me next month.
	A. me	B. my	C. I	D. mine
17. Traffic accidents can be prevented if people . . . . the rules.
	A. remember	B. obey	C. go after	D. take care of
18. I’m sure you’ll find the film . . . . . 
	A. amuse	B. amusing	C. amused	D. amusement
19. Vanilla Sky . . . . . Tom Cruise, Peslelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.
	A. acts	B. plays	C. stars	D. does
20. Give a . . . . . before you turn left or right.
 	A. sign	B. turn	C. sound	D. signal
21. On Thanhksgiving, families and friends . . . . . to have a feast.
	A. meet	B. arrive	C. gather	D. appear
22. The end of the film was so . . . . .
	A. moved	B. moving	C. move	D. moveable
23. Look at the photo! You’re . . . . . a horse!
	A. driving	B. flying	C. riding	D. lying
24. At 7:00 tomorrow, you . . . . . to school.
	A. cycle	B. will cycle	C. will be cycling	D. will be cycled
25. In the green future, vehicles will be powered by . . . . .
	A. solar energy	B. coal	C. gas	D. fuel
IV.HOMEWORK: - Do exercise in part E in workbook.	
---------------------------------- o0o -------------------------
Preparing date: 
Teaching date:
tổ ong
can đảm
buffalo-drawn cart
/ˈbʌfələʊ-drɔːn kɑːt/
xe trâu kéo
gia súc
thu gom, lấy
thuận tiện
làm phiền
electrical appliance
/ɪˈlektrɪkl əˈplaɪəns/
đồ điện
hào phóng
lều của dân du mục Mông Cổ
Gobi Highlands
/ˈgəʊbi ˈhaɪləndz/
Cao nguyên Gobi
đồng cỏ
harvest time
/ˈhɑːvɪst taɪm/
mùa gặt
chăn dắt
(adj, n)
địa phương, dân địa phương
Mông cổ
dân du mục
thuộc về du mục
paddy field
/ˈpædi fiːld/
đồng lúa
đồng cỏ
hái (hoa, quả )
racing motorist
/ˈreɪsɪŋ məʊtərɪst/
người lái ô tô đua
rộng lớn, bát ngát
a/ Với tính từ, trạng từ ngắn
form: S + Be ( v ) + adv/adj_er + than + O. ( có thể có ” than ” hoặc không )
VD: I’m taller than my younger brother.
The shorter girl is my elder sister.
b/ Với tính từ, trạng từ ngắn dài
form: S + be ( v ) + more +adv/adj + than + O. ( có thể có ” than ” hoặc không )
VD: She is more beautiful than me.
Life is more comfortable now.
c/ Với tính từ, trạng từ đặc biệt
So sánh hơn
So sánh nhất
little (amount)
little (size)
much / many
far (place + time)
far (place)
late (time)
near (place)
old (people and things)
 Trong loại so sánh này người ta chia làm hai dạng: tính từ và phó từ ngắn (chỉ có một hoặc hai âm tiết khi phát âm) và tính từ, phó từ dài (3 âm tiết trở lên). Khi so sánh không ngang bằng:
Đối với tính từ và phó từ ngắn chỉ cần cộng đuôi -er. (thick – thicker; cold-colder; quiet-quieter)
Đối với tính từ ngắn có một phụ âm tận cùng (trừ w,x,z) và trước đó là một nguyên âm, phải gấp đôi phụ âm cuối. (big-bigger; red-redder; hot-hotter)
Đối với tính từ, phó từ dài, thêm more hoặc less trước tính từ hoặc phó từ đó (more beautiful; more important; more believable).
Đối với tính từ tận cùng là phụ âm+y, phải đổi y thành -ier (happy-happier; dry-drier; pretty-prettier).
Đối với các tính từ có hậu tố -ed, -ful, -ing, -ish, -ous cũng biến đổi bằng cách thêm more cho dù chúng là tính từ dài hay ngắn (more useful, more boring, more cautious)
Trường hợp đặc biệt: strong-stronger; friendly-friendlier than = more friendly than.
Chú ý khi đã dùng more thì không dùng hậu tố -er và ngược lại. Các ví dụ sau là SAI: more prettier, more faster, more better
Excercise 1: Fill the correct form of the words in blank. 
1 Who is the .. (tall) person in your family?
2 My mum is the (good) cook in the world.
3 December is the .. (cold) month of the year in my country.
4 What’s the . (dangerous) animal in the world?
5 Ethan is the (happy) boy that I know.
6 Where are the (nice) beaches in your country?
7 She bought the . (big) cake in the shop.
8 Who is the (famous) singer in your country?
Excercise 2: Choose the best answer.
1 That was the funniest/ most funny thing to do.
2Susie is the most prettiest/prettiest of the four girls.
3 This is a really good school.It’s one of the best/ most better schools in the North West.
4 She is by far the most rich/ richest woman in the world.
5 School days are supposed to be the most happy/ happiest days of your life but I don’t agree.
6 What is the most popular/popularest sport in your country?
Bài 3: give the correct of the words.
1.She is by far the (rich) woman in Vietnam
2.That was the (funny) thing to do in this weather
3.Thank you for the (delicious) I have ever eaten
4.Susie is the (pretty) girl in our team
5.I think that he is one of the (boring) people in the world
6.I have had the (happy) days in my life
7.What is the (popular) makeup look of young girls?
8.This is a really good place. It’s one of the (best) destination in this city
Ex 4: Complete these sentences. Use (-est or most ...) + apreposition (of or in)
1. It's a very good room. It is the best room in the hotel
2. It's a very cheap restaurant.It's .....the town
3. It was a very happy day. It was ..... my life
4. She's a very intelligent student. She ..... the class
5. It's a very valuable painting. It ..... the gallery
6. Spring is a very busy time for me.It ..... the year
7.It's a very good room.It is one of the . room in the hotel
8. He's a very rich man. He' s one ..... Britian
9. It's a very big castle. It ..... the team
10. She's a good player. She ..... the team
11. It was a very bad experience. It ..... my life
12. He's a very dangerous criminal. He ..... the country
Ex 5:Complete the sentenses.Use the superlative or comparative.
1.We stayed at the .... hotel in the town (cheap)
2.Our hotel was ...than all the others in the town (cheap)
3.The United States is very large,but Canada is .... (large)
4. What's .... country in the world? (small)
5. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, but I feel a bit .... today (good)
6. It was an awful day. It was .... day of my life (bad)
7. What is .... sport in your country? (popular)
8. Evereet is .... mount ain in the world. It is .... than any other mountain. (high)
9. We had a great holiday. It was one of .... holiday we've ever had (enjoyable)
10. I prefer this chair to the other one. It's .... . (comfortable)
11. What's .... way of getting from here to the station? (quick)
12. Kevin and Sue have got three daughters .... is 14 years old (old)
Bài 1: Viết dạng so sánh hơn của các tính từ và trạng từ sau:
Tính từ/ Trạng từ
So sánh hơn
1. beautiful
2. hot
3. crazy
4. slowly
5. few
6. little
7. bad
8. good
9. attractive
10. big
Bài 2: Điền vào chỗ trống dạng so sánh đúng của từ trong ngoặc.
1. She can’t stay (long) .than 30 minutes.
2. Well, the place looks (clean) .now.
3. The red shirt is better but it’s (expensive) than the white one. 
4. Being a firefighter is (dangerous) . than being a builder.
5. Lan sings ( sweet ) ..than Hoa
6. The weather this summer is even (hot) . than last summer.
7. Your accent is ( bad ) ..than mine.
8. Hot dogs are (good) .than hamburgers. 
9. French is considered to be (difficult) .than 
Bài 3: Viết lại các câu sau sao cho nghĩa không đổi.
1. Her old house is bigger than her new one.
-> Her new house .........
2. No one in my class is taller than Peter.
-> Peter .
3. The black dress is more expensive than the white one.
-> The white dress 
4. According to me, English is easier than Maths.
-> According to me, Maths .
5. No one in my group is more intelligent than Mary.
-> Mary .
6. No river in the world is longer than the Nile.
-> The Nile ..
7. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
-> No mountain ...
8. This is the first time I have ever met such a pretty girl.
-> She is ..
9. He works much. He feels tired.
-> The more 
10. This computer works better than that one.
-> That computer ..
 11. The apartment is big. The rent is high.
-> The bigger .
12. We set off soon. We will arrive soon.
-> The sooner 
13. The joke is good. The laughter is loud.
-> The better . ..
14. She gets fat. She feels tired.
-> The fatter . 
15. As he gets older, he wants to travel less.
-> The older . 
16. The children are excited with the difficult games.
-> The more . 
17. People dive fast. Many accidents happen.
-> The faster . 
18. I meet him much. I hate him much
-> The more . 
19. My boss works better when he is pressed for time,
-> The less . 
20. As he has much money, he wants to spend much.
-> The more . 
21. If you read many books, you will have much knowledge.
 -> The more 
22. He speaks too much and people feel bored.
-> The more 
23. The growth in the economy makes people’s living condition better.
-> The more ..
24. People learn a lot of things as they travel far.
-> The farther 
I. Khoanh vào đáp án đúng
1.His illness was ________ than we had thought at first.
A. much serious B. more serious C. serious D. most serious
2. Nam is _______ in his class.
A. taller B. the most tall C. the tallest D. more tall
3. Traveling by plane is _______ than traveling by car.
A. fast B. more fast C. the most fast D. faster
4. Actually, today I feel ______ than I did yesterday.
A. the worst B. worst C. worse D. bad
5. Could you speak Vietnamese _______ than, so I can understand what you mean?
A. more clearly B. clearly C. the most clearly D. the clearest
6. That flight ticket is _________ of all.
A. expensive B. the most expensive C. more expensive D. the expensive
7. Phong works ________ than most of him friends.
A. a lot more hardly B. more hardly C. many harder D. much harder
8. I tried to spend ______ money.
A. little B. less C. the least D. the less than
9. My friend is much _______ than me.
A. prettier B. pretty C. the prettiest D. more prettier
10. My mom speaks Korean ______ I do.
A. fluently B. more fluently than C. more fluently D. most fluently
II. Viết lại những câu này dựa trên những gợi ý đã cho mà không thay đổi nghĩa gốc.
My brother was earning much less in his previous job than he is now.
=> (more) ____________________________________ .
Chicken is cheaper than beef.
=> (more) ____________________________________ .
To my knowledge, speaking English is easier than listening to conversations in English.
=> (harder) ___________________________________ .
This is the most delicious lunch she’s even had.
=> (more) ____________________________________ .
There is no better doctor in this hospital than Mr.Long.
=> (best) _________________________________ .
This is the fastest moving car I’ve ever driven.
=> (faster) _________________________________ .
There isn’t anywhere as old as this castle.
=> (oldest) _______________________________ .
Have you got any bigger shirt than that one?
=> (biggest) _____________________________ .
I am not taller than anyone in the class.
=> (lowest) ____________________________ .
The company’s revenue in May is the highest compared to the previous months.
=> (lower) _____________________________ .
II. Viết lại câu với nghĩa không đổi.
My brother is earning more in his current job than he was (in the past).
Beef is more expensive than chicken.
To my knowledge, listening to conversations in English is harder than speaking English fluently.
She’s never had a more delicious lunch than this one.
Long is the best doctor in this hospital.
I have never driven faster than this one.

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